Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Back to Blood" by Tom Wolfe *****

  • Audiobook
  • US author
  • Originally published 2012
  • Review:   Tom Wolfe weaves a wonderful story!  Starting with characters like the Russian who buys his way into Miami high society by endowing an art collection comprised completely of forgeries, a young Cuban American police officer who just tries to do his job and seems unable to avoid publicity, the lovely starry eyed Cuban American ingenue who cannot seem to get her priorities clear, and the W.A.S.P. editor of the local paper who dreads having to print a story which may upset his wife and/or his social standing.  If that doesn't draw you in, perhaps the themes which are embedded in the roiling, cross-cultural morays and expectations in an American city filled with a a wide range of ethnic, financial, and social strata will do it.  It is just a well written story which illuminates issues we see everyday in our lives as Americans.

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